Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Theatre Royal singing

Theatre Royal Monday 10.12.18

Yesterday Kumara School went to the Theatre Royal to sing christmas songs to the elderly and some parents. We did it because they like to hear us sing.This year the whole school went to sing last year it was only Room one.

We walked down at 12 o'clock we got buddied up my buddy was Kaylee.It was a Joyful walk a couple people fell over.We all walked in a line.

As I stepped into the pub my heart raced. We put our hats on and we walk around the corner. A whole table of people started clapping my face goes red. After the rest of the lines come we start singing at the end the crowd went wild it was like were are a rugby team scoring a goal. A huge smile runs through the crowd.

We sung 10 songs but it was worth it.

Friday, November 30, 2018

Room 1 Camp

Bang! Crash! As I on the paddle board I feel the water hit me. I feel alive.The only thing that is going through my head is how refreshing the water will be. Splash! I fall in. A gigantic smile runs through my face.

I feel refreshed. As the salty aerated water runs down my throat I gag. I see the slimy,green rocks at the bottom of the water.I hear people yell in the distance. It was an exhilarating experience.

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

My amazing descriptive writing

WALT: Write a descriptive piece of writing

It was time the day had come to check my cast.

Eyes wide open as my name gets called out I shake and sigh.My heart pounds as fast as thunder I didn’t know what was going to happen.I breathe faster and faster in each step.As I cling to dad I look around slowly and stop.People look as I walk as slow as a snail

I was hoping for good news. didn’t want my cast to get changed.

I struggled to put a introduction but I thought I did well.

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

WALT:write show and tell

The clothes was scattered across the floor with a three week old pizza.The carpet is no longer there as my clothes takes over.Avoiding the rubbish I hoped over my dirty socks.As I smell the rotten air. It made me struggle to keep my eyes open . As I try to walk out I walk into a mountain of blankets as big as mt everest.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Descriptive writing

WALT:write descriptive writing

As I popped up I taste the salty bubbly,aerated, foamy water.
My feet just landed on the sticky slippery surfboard.
I smell the wet seaweed. it smells as bad as dirty rubbish.
As I stuck my head up   I stopped for a minute as I smiled my face is aching.
I feel like my face is splitting apart.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

This is my imaginary planet information report

Imaginary Planet Information Report

Use your planning from earlier in the week to sort your ideas into paragraphs. You may add the heading in a blue box after discussing with the teacher.

Topic sentence
Candy Cove is outside the Milky Way.
it looks like a rainbow and it smells unique and has many different problems than Earth. It is bigger than any planet in the Milky Way.

Rainbow sour string
Tree trunks candy canes
gummies leafs
Ponds rivers made of fizzy
Ice cream rocks
Clouds made of candy floss
Biggest in the milk way.
Chocolate fish
Lemon Lime grass
Candy cave
Floating stars
Gingerbread house
Chocolate water park
Candy vehicles
Candy wishing well
Candy aliens

Topic sentence

Candy Cove is unlike most other planets.
There are tree trunks made out of candy canes.
Candy cove also has gummy leafs.
It has ponds and rivers made out of different kinds and flavours of fizzy.
Also Candy cove has ice cream rocks.
Candy cove has chocolate fish.
It as lemon and lime grass.
Candy cove has candy caves.
Candy cove has gingerbread houses
It has extraordinary rainbow sour strings for ropes.
Candy cove has sparkling candy stars.
It has a chocolate water park.
Candy cove has different types and flavours of vehicle.
It has candy wishing wells.
Candy cove has millions candy aliens.

Different kinds of candy
Topic sentence
Candy cove has delicious smells
Elaboration (supporting ideas / information)
Candy cove has a delicious berry smell.
When you are at candy cove it smells like every single different piece of candy you can dream of. When you get there the fruit candy smells like pears.

Topic sentence

Candy cove has delicious smells

Candy cove has a delicious berry smell.

When you are at candy cove it smells like every single different piece of candy you can dream of. When you get there the fruit candy smells like pears.

Sugar rush
Teeth will rot
People might eat there cars
There is too much candy and people will get sick
People eat everything and there will be nothing left
There will have to be a limit
Topic sentence
Candy cove has bizarre problems
Elaboration (supporting ideas / information)
People at candy cove will get sugar rush.
At candy cove peoples teeth will rot.
The cars will be made of candy and people will eat there cars
There will be to much candy and people might get sick.
There will have to be a limit.
People eat everything there and there will be nothing left.